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Package Type 77

Travel points
770,000 point

GTX Pattaya Membership PACK

Product type

GTX Pattaya


​Membership period and fees

March to November


(10 nights per year /

20 nights per year)

Weekdays: 30,000 won

Weekend: 40,000 won

December - February

Peak season:

(5 nights per year /

10 nights per year)

Weekdays: 75,000 won

Weekend: 90,000 won


★ Membership preferential

    period begins after

    signing up. It is used as a

    2-year expiration date from

    the date of the first schedule.

★ After signing up for

    membership, refunds are not

    possible for any reason and

    can be transferred once.

    (However, a fee of 30,000

    won is charged upon

    transfer. A fee is charged

    and membership that has

    been transferred once

    cannot be re-transferred)

★ Membership benefits may be 

     replaced or changed

     depending on natural

     disasters or local


★ Airline tickets and other

     items not included are

    It is subject to payment, and

    you can purchase your own


Included elements


- Paritcha Links Valley Resort

  (2 people per room)

- Breakfast / Dinner

  (Korean buffet available at the

    resort for the entire itinerary)

- Paritcha CC, Pattaya CC,

  Treasure Hill CC

* 18 holes + 9 holes when used

  on weekdays

  (Basic 18 holes or additional

  9 holes possible)

* Weekend 18 holes

* Golf course allows up to

   27holes on weekdays /

   Up to 18holes on weekends

   (no more additions allowed)

Not Included elements

1) Round-trip flight ticket

2) Meeting sending fee

▶ When riding with 4 or more

     people, $50 per person,

     $60 per person for 3 or more         


     80$ per person for 2 or more


     $120 per person

     (※ Please note that the

     meeting sending fee is the 

     transportation fee from the

     accommodation to the

     golf course.)

3) Lunch throughout the day

    (club style)

4) Cart fee 700 baht,

    caddy fee 400 baht,

    Caddy tip 300 baht

    (18 holes/person)

- 1 cart & caddy per person

Reference and
other notes

★ Mykey Garden Hotel:

     No additional charge


     (but lunch/dinner not included)

※ After flight ticketing and

    schedule are confirmed

    Cancellation and changes are

    not possible.

※ Some schedules may vary

    depending on local


    It may change.

※ For advance payments,

    payment must be made

    before departure.

▶Kookmin Bank


    GTX Global Co., Ltd.

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