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Package Type 77

Travel points
770,000 point

GTX Weihai Membership Pack

Product type

GTX Weihai



Seokdo Myeong Hotel


★ Single room 40,000 won /

     additional 1 night

★ Stone Bay CC $30, 

     Point CC $80 (weekdays)

★ Stone Bay CC $50,

     Point CC $120 (weekends)

Included elements

- Weihai Tianyi cc /

  Haodangjia CC

  golf membership

  (1 registered person, 2 years,

  unlimited use)

Not included elements

1) Round-trip flight ticket

2) Meeting sending fee 300 yuan

     / person

(※ Please note that the meeting sending fee is the cost of transportation from the accommodation to the golf course)

3) Cart fee + caddy fee 250 yuan,

     caddy tip 50 yuan

     (per person per 18 holes)

4) Seokdo Myeongin Hotel,

    2 people per room

    (including breakfast/lunch)

    Weekdays: 55,000 won / day

    Weekend: 65,000 won / day

Other matters

※ After flight ticketing and  

    schedule are confirmed

    Cancellation and changes

    are not possible.

※ Some schedules may vary

    depending on local


    It may change.

※ For advance payments,

    please deposit before

    departure ▶

    Kookmin Bank


    GTX Global Co., Ltd.

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